Sore Thumb Graphics

Illustration and comic book art

A little about me

My name is Greg Woronchak. I started off in traditional animation at local studios, eventually ending up in storyboards. Although animation was a cool environment to begin my career, I decided to follow the freelance route.

Over the last decade, I've worked on illustration assignments and small press comic books, including developing my own pitches. I've worked on a variety of series (for Modern Myth Press, Argo Comics, and Main Enterprises to name a few), Kickstarter pitches, and have competed twice at DC Comics Zuda.

Pencil for Hire!

Are you searching for a reliable freelance comic book artist? I can provide pencils or fully inked artwork for your script.

Do you have a character you need designed? Looking for concept art? Considering a unique and personal piece of original artwork for yourself or as a gift?

Not a problem at all. Just drop me an email!

I also can create inked or color illustrations, (using traditional or digital media), pin-ups, avatars, RPG covers, portraits, whatever you'd like.

I'm pretty flexible with style and subject matter: super-hero, horror, adult themes, fantasy, even adult themes. I'll draw just about anything <g>.             

Client satisfaction is very important to me, and I always welcome feedback and suggested revisions throughout the creative process to ensure that results are exactly as you've envisioned.